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Kailash & Guge Kingdom

This tour takes in two of the highlights of western Tibet the sacred mountain of Mount Kailash and the runins of the ancient kingdom of Guge. There are three itineraries for this tour depending how you would like to enter/exit Tibet, fly-in drive-out (23 days), drive-in fly-out (23 days), trek-in fly-out (27 days)

ABOUT GUGE: In the 10th to 16th centuries a castle in western Tibet was the center of the Guge Kingdom. It was destroyed by foreign invaders in the middle of 17th century. The castle is made up of some 300 rooms, 300 caves, three rows of 10 meter high dagobas, and fortresses, defense works and tunnels built from the foot of the mountain to the top occupying an area about 197400 square meters. The most magnificent are the Ted Temple, white Temple, Samsara Temple, Palace Hall and Gardians Hall. The Murals, sculptures and stone carvings in their unique styles, having embodied profound religious spirit or recorded vividly the history and culture, are of great artistic value.

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